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These questions were written to be asked in Toronto on 2016-10-17,
and should be interpreted accordingly.
On each question you may give up to two answers, but if you give
both a right answer and a wrong answer, there is a small penalty.
Please post all your answers to the newsgroup in a single followup,
based only on your own knowledge. (In your answer posting, quote
the questions and place your answer below each one.) I will reveal
the correct answers in about 3 days.
All questions were written by members of the Misplaced Modifiers
and are used here by permission, but have been reformatted and may
have been retyped and/or edited by me. For further information
see my 2016-11-26 companion posting on "Questions from the Canadian
Inquisition (QFTCI*)".
* Game 4, Round 4 - Entertainment - Before Brangelina: Celebrity Power Couples
When it comes to celebrity power couples, the whole is greater than
the sum of its parts. Here are 10 questions about entertaining
couples who made an impact. Sorry, but *both people's names*
are required for every question (as usual, surnames will suffice).
1. Those portmanteau names like the "Brangelina" in this round's
title have been around for quite a while. In the late 1920s
the press called this couple "Gilbo". Gilbo first met in 1926's
"The Flesh and the Devil". Who were Gilbo?
2. Another famous portmanteau became the name of a TV production
company -- one that brought us TV classics like "Mission:
Impossible", "That Girl", and "The Untouchables". Name the
3. She was a supermodel. He was a rock star. They married in
1992 and established themselves as the model of style and
4. In the years after their marriage in 1969, her fame and
notoriety grew beyond a small group of art lovers. He grew as
a solo musician. But it was also their political activities
that gained them a lot of attention.
5. Also known for their political activities, these Oscar-winners
were together for 26 years until their shocking break-up in 2009.
Kevin Costner said they had "the type of courage that makes
democracy work". Name the couple.
6. According to Forbes, this couple have a combined net worth
of almost $1,000,000,000, and they're cozy with the President.
Their relationship started 14 years ago after their musical
collaboration on the song "'03 Bonnie & Clyde".
7. They met in 1952 and got married shortly after starring in "The
Long Hot Summer". Over their 50 years of marriage, they enjoyed
award-winning careers and devoted themselves to entrepreneurial
and philanthropic activity.
8. They were married 16 years. She was born in Toronto. He was
a swashbuckling hero. Together they founded United Artists.
9. Their on-again-off-again marriage was headline news in the
1960s and '70s. They began their affair on-set, married each
other twice, and acted together in 11 films. A 68-carat diamond
is named after them.
10. They were both at the peak of their film careers when she wrote
him a fan letter in 1949. Over the next 8 years, they regularly
made the headlines for extramarital affairs, an illegitimate
child, even condemnation from HUAC. Of course all this made them
very popular in Europe, where he directed her in 5 of his movies.
* Game 4, Round 6 - History - The Tudors
In this round, when you're naming a person, unless indicated
otherwise a single name is not a sufficient answer. You must give
a first name and regnal number, a first and last name, a first
name and soubriquet, etc. as applicable.
1. Henry, Earl of Richmond, established the Tudor dynasty by
defeating Richard III at *which seminal English battle*?
2. Please answer the previous question before decoding the rot13:
Rfgnoyvfurq nf Urael IVV, ur gura fbhtug gb cynpngr uvf qrsrngrq
rarzvrf ol zneelvat Rqjneq VI'f qnhtugre. Jub jnf fur?
3. Henry VIII was a second son. His older brother was destined
to be king but instead died young. What was his *first name*?
4. <answer 3> had been married to the daughter of the King of Spain.
Afterwards, she was remarried -- to Henry VIII. What was her name?
5. Henry VII also made a dynastic marriage, with the Scots, to try
to calm the northern border. His daughter was married to
James IV. What was her *first name*?
6. This man was Henry VIII's chief counselor for the first
20 years of his reign, the Archbishop of York, and a cardinal
of the Catholic Church. He helped engineer the annulment of
Henry's marriage to <answer 4>. Give his *surname*.
7. Which of Henry VIII's six wives was the mother of Elizabeth I?
8. Who was the last of Henry VIII's wives?
9. Which of his children immediately succeeded Henry VIII?
10. When <answer 9> was dying young, he signed a document naming
as his heir a teenage great-niece of Henry VII, favored by his
council of regency in preference to Henry VIII's daughters.
This process was quickly disputed and the putative queen was
deposed and executed. She became known as "the 9-day queen".
Who was she?
Mark Brader, Toronto | "Most people are other people. Their thoughts | are someone else's opinions..." --Oscar Wilde
My text in this article is in the public domain. (Mark Brader): Jan 06 03:00AM -0600

Mark Brader:
> and should be interpreted accordingly... For further information
> see my 2016-11-26 companion posting on "Questions from the Canadian
> Inquisition (QFTCI*)".
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> winning goal. Maybe the most famous goal in hockey history was
> the 1970 Cup-winner, scored a mere 40 seconds into overtime.
> They call it "the goal". Who scored it?
Bobby Orr. 4 for Gareth, Marc, Don, and Pete.
He was tripped right after taking the shot, leading to this memorable
> 2. Name the legendary Leafs defenseman whose overtime goal secured
> the 1951 Cup. It was the last goal he scored, as he died later
> that year in a plane crash.
Bill Barilko.
And, as you should remember because I've posted a link to this photo
a couple of times before, after taking *his* shot he *also* found
himself in a similar situation:
(That's the referee standing near the net, wearing a necktie and
sweater; zebra stripes weren't introduced until 1955.)
> 3. The longest Cup-winning game in hockey history was decided
> at 14:51 of triple overtime. What was controversial about Brett
> Hull's goal, which won the 1999 Stanley Cup for the Dallas Stars?
His skate was in the goal crease. 4 for Pete. 3 for Gareth.
The wording and application of the rule on disallowing a goal for
this reason had been changed that season, and was rather confusing.
Here's a comment on the controversy, which I think has it about right:
In response to the controversy, The following season the rule was
changed again. Now the determining factor is no longer the position
or path of the attacking player; it's whether or not, while within
the crease, he interfered with the goalie's ability to defend the
> 4. Which Colorado Avalanche star holds the career record for most
> playoff overtime winners, with 8?
Joe Sakic.
> international tournament to be decided by an added-time goal
> goes by the name of Éder. For what country's team did he score
> the decisive goal?
Portugal. (UEFA Euro 2016. Éder is a nickname for Ederzito António
Macedo Lopes.) 4 for Gareth, Peter, Erland, and Pete.
> shootout ensues. The 2016 men's Olympic soccer gold medal was
> decided by shootout. Name the Brazilian star who scored the
> shootout winner.
Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. "Neymar" was sufficient. 4 for Gareth,
Peter, Erland, and Pete.
> conference championships have. The longest NFL playoff game was
> played on Christmas Day, 1971. At 7:40 of double overtime, the
> winning field goal was kicked by Garo Yepremian. For which team?
Miami Dolphins. 4 for Marc, Don, Joshua, and Pete.
> final score of 23-17. 15 of the players and coaches involved
> in the game became Hall of Famers, including Raymond Berry and
> Frank Gifford. Name *either* of the teams involved.
New York Giants, Baltimore Colts. 4 for Dan Blum, Marc, Peter,
Dan Tilque, Joshua, and Pete. 3 for Gareth.
> starting pitcher and bullpen threw up 9 innings of shutout,
> but the Twins' starter went 10 innings for the win. Name either
> of the starters.
John Smoltz, Jack Morris (respectively). 4 for Gareth, Don, and Pete.
> innings, the most recent in 1997, when a flubbed ball by Tony
> Fernandez in the 11th inning set the stage for Edgar Renteria's
> series-winning RBI. Name either team.
Florida Marlins (winners), Cleveland Indians. 4 for Gareth, Don,
and Pete.
Of course, since our original game it's happened a 5th time -- with
Cleveland losing again, last year, in the 10th inning of Game 7,
to the Chicago Cubs.
> From the description in English, give the French term.
> 1. A person who attempts to provoke suspected individuals or groups
> into committing unlawful acts.
Agent provocateur. 4 for Gareth, Dan Blum, Marc, Peter, Don,
and Joshua. 3 for Dan Tilque and Pete.
> 2. A military officer who serves as a personal assistant to a
> higher-ranking officer.
Aide-de-camp. 4 for Gareth, Dan Blum, Marc, Peter, Don, Dan Tilque,
and Joshua.
> 3. Conversant or informed. Also, in British usage, familiar.
Au courant, or au fait. 4 for Gareth, Dan Blum, Don, Dan Tilque,
and Joshua.
> 4. Innovative, especially in the arts.
Avant-garde. 4 for Gareth, Don, Joshua, and Pete.
> 5. A person who works for a family (cleaning and/or teaching the
> children) in exchange for room and board.
Au pair. 4 for Gareth, Dan Blum, Marc, Peter, Don, Dan Tilque,
Joshua, and Pete.
> 6. Someone who lives well, who knows how to enjoy life.
Bon vivant. 4 for Dan Blum, Marc, Peter, Don, Dan Tilque, Joshua,
and Pete.
> 7. Sculpture that is only slightly more prominent than its
> background.
Bas-relief. 4 for Marc, Peter, Don, Dan Tilque, Joshua, and Pete.
> 8. The golden age of art and culture in France in the early 20th
> century.
Belle Époque. I reluctantly accepted "Belle Epoch" for full points
since a non-French-speaker might render "Époque" with the same sound
as "Epoch". 4 for Marc, Don, Joshua, and Pete.
> 9. Love letter -- literally a "sweet note".
Billet-doux. 4 for Gareth, Marc, Don, and Joshua.
> 10. A substitute or replacement diplomat, specifically in the
> absence of the ambassador.
Chargé d'affaires. 4 for Marc, Peter, Erland, Don, and Joshua.
Scores, if there are no errors:
TOPICS-> Spo Lit
Don Piven 16 40 56
Pete Gayde 32 23 55
Gareth Owen 26 24 50
Joshua Kreitzer 8 40 48
Marc Dashevsky 12 32 44
Peter Smyth 12 24 36
Dan Tilque 4 23 27
Dan Blum 4 20 24
Erland Sommarskog 8 4 12
Mark Brader | "...the average homeowner should expect...
Toronto | meteor damage every hundred million years." | --Robert Nemiroff & Jerry Bonnell
My text in this article is in the public domain.
The GOLQ Institute <>: Jan 05 08:51PM -0800

Happy New Year, and welcome to the January edition of the quiz.
There are no intended themes this time.
-- Howard Teitelbaum
Blindly searching for lyrics on the Internet is not in the spirit
of the GOLQs, and we disapprove of this practice.
Entries are due by 5:00 PM EST (GMT-5) on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.
E-mail early, because you can't be sure of how long it will take for
your message to reach GOLQ World Headquarters.
DO NOT POST your answers to any newsgroups, discussion forums, etc.
E-mail your entry to <>. By using this address, you
will be able to determine whether your entry has been received by
viewing the GOLQ entry log at
Use this address only for GOLQ360-related mail. After the quiz is
over, mail to this address will be discarded without being read.
The web site for the Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz is at
There you will find:
- the GOLQ rules
- instructions for subscribing to the GOLQ mailing list
- the current quiz
- an archive of past quizzes and results
Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #360
Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
Due 5:00 PM EST (GMT-5) on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.
Should've seen her eyes when the band began to play
And the famous singers sang and bowed away
When the star performed she screamed and yelled "hooray"
Every time we kiss, I get that feelin'
Every time we simply meet
When I see her smile, I get that feelin'
'Cause my baby looks so sweet
But I tell you, he really knocked me dead
So I don't quite remember exactly what he said
I just stood there and I shook my head
Sweeter than wine
Softer than the summer night
Everything I want, I have
Whenever I hold you tight
Oh love, oh love, oh love (oh love)
Why you wanna go away and leave me here to cry?
When you knew that I would miss you
But oh baby, if you please, please come back to me
I apologize if I ever made you cry
He's light and fragile, and feathered sky blue
So thin and graceful, the sun shines through
All the thrills I had missed
Shone bright in your eyes
Then softly we kissed
What a sweet surprise
Oh, squeeze her real gentle
Gotta make her feel good
Tell her that you love her
Like you know you should
I found I couldn't sleep at night
And when I found her gone from sight
Found out I loved her
Well, I'm too old for girls and I'm too young for women
I've looked all around, and my hopes are a-dimmin'
I feel like a fish not allowed any swimmin'
I thought I'd grow up gracefully
I'd understand my woman thoroughly
But the more I see (but the more I see)
The more I see there is to see, there is to see
One night with you is like heaven
And so, while I'm walkin' the floor
I listen for steps in the hallway
And wait for your knock on my door
Reasoned verse, some prose or rhyme
Lose themselves in other times
And waiting hopes cast silent spells
That speak in clouded clues
It cannot be a part of me
For now it's part of you
Now that you set me free
There's no regret for me
There's someone new
In place of you
My only desire
Is loving you eternally
For no, no other love
Could ever mean so much to me
Baby, baby, when you do the fly
Your arms are wasted waving in the sky
Come on and hold me like a lover should
A heart is just a heart
Nothing more, nothing less, just a heart
Until the day that love comes to stay forever
Every night, I'll pound the pillow
Feeling weepy as a willow
When my room is cold and still, oh
How I yearn for your return
Make up some words that are all in rhyme
Words that will live 'til the end of time
Every time your lips meet mine, now, baby
Baby, baby, you bring much joy within
Don't let this feeling end
Let it go on and on and on, now, baby
Last night and night before
Twenty-four robbers at my door
I got up and let 'em in
Hit 'em in the head with a rolling pin
There are times in this life of mine
I think that the sun forgot how to shine
But as long as you're always there
It don't bother me, 'cause why should I care
He walks by my side and I dance on air
I find he's a kind of a special guy (my heart can't be wrong)
I kiss him and I know why (my life is a song)
He's so marvelous, no one can compare
Looked at them start to block this house
Somebody hollered, hey boy I heard you rock!
Police is standin' at the door
People see 'em dancin' all over the floor
Ah, when we said goodbye, love
Was it just a game, yeah?
When I gave you my love
Was it all in vain?
I loved you in the morning
Our kisses deep and warm
Your hair upon the pillow
Like a sleepy golden storm
We might as well be apart
It hardly matters, we sleep separately
And drop a smile passin' in the hall
But there's no laughs left, 'cause we laughed 'em all
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