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Gareth Owen <>: Jan 04 06:37PM

> Have any of them entered?
Not as yet. I did send a cancel message almost immediatel, so its
possible it didn't propagate all that far.
Pete <>: Jan 04 06:08PM (Mark Brader) wrote in news:NdWdnZaQgvMyoPbFnZ2dnUU7-
> winning goal. Maybe the most famous goal in hockey history was
> the 1970 Cup-winner, scored a mere 40 seconds into overtime.
> They call it "the goal". Who scored it?
> 3. The longest Cup-winning game in hockey history was decided
> at 14:51 of triple overtime. What was controversial about Brett
> Hull's goal, which won the 1999 Stanley Cup for the Dallas Stars?
He was in the crease when the goal was scored
> 4. Which Colorado Avalanche star holds the career record for most
> playoff overtime winners, with 8?
> international tournament to be decided by an added-time goal
> goes by the name of Éder. For what country's team did he score
> the decisive goal?
> shootout ensues. The 2016 men's Olympic soccer gold medal was
> decided by shootout. Name the Brazilian star who scored the
> shootout winner.
> conference championships have. The longest NFL playoff game was
> played on Christmas Day, 1971. At 7:40 of double overtime, the
> winning field goal was kicked by Garo Yepremian. For which team?
Miami Dolphins
> final score of 23-17. 15 of the players and coaches involved
> in the game became Hall of Famers, including Raymond Berry and
> Frank Gifford. Name *either* of the teams involved.
New York Giants (and Baltimore Colts)
> starting pitcher and bullpen threw up 9 innings of shutout,
> but the Twins' starter went 10 innings for the win. Name either
> of the starters.
Jack Morris
> innings, the most recent in 1997, when a flubbed ball by Tony
> Fernandez in the 11th inning set the stage for Edgar Renteria's
> series-winning RBI. Name either team.
Florida Marlins
> ** Game 4, Round 3 - Literature - French Words and Expressions in
> From the description in English, give the French term.
> 1. A person who attempts to provoke suspected individuals or groups
> into committing unlawful acts.
> 2. A military officer who serves as a personal assistant to a
> higher-ranking officer.
> 3. Conversant or informed. Also, in British usage, familiar.
> 4. Innovative, especially in the arts.
Avant garde
> 5. A person who works for a family (cleaning and/or teaching the
> children) in exchange for room and board.
Au pair
> 6. Someone who lives well, who knows how to enjoy life.
Bon vivant
> 7. Sculpture that is only slightly more prominent than its
> background.
Bas relief
> 8. The golden age of art and culture in France in the early 20th
> century.
La Belle Epoch
> 9. Love letter -- literally a "sweet note".
> 10. A substitute or replacement diplomat, specifically in the
> absence of the ambassador.
Pete Gayde
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