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> 1 Despite being only 26.6 seconds in length it is probably the most scrutinised piece of film of all time. What did Abraham Zapruder famously record?
assassination of JFK
> 2 Which (fictional) race of extra-terrestrial mutants hails from the planet Skaro?
> 3 Which 1983 musical romantic comedy did Barbra Streisand direct, co-write, co- produce and star in?
> 4 Marlee Matlin won a best actress Oscar for her role in which 1986 film?
Children Of A Lesser God
> 5 Which American newspaper is sometimes known as the "old gray lady"?
New York Times
> 6 In what modern day country is Mount Ararat located?
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> forth on an open flat-car while other musicians stood beside
> the tracks. Either tell whose "effect" was confirmed, or
> describe it.
> or even backwards. Rutherford said it was "as if you fired a
> 15-inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and
> hit you" -- and he drew what historic conclusion?
atoms have a positively charged nucleus
> color to the light -- until an experiment in about 1666 by Isaac
> Newton in Woolsthorpe, England. How did he use a second prism
> to settle this question?
it returned the refracted light to white light
> but there was no easy way to prove it until Léon Foucault's
> ["foo-KOH's"] simple experiment in 1851 in Paris. How did he
> use a large pendulum to provide this proof?
the pendulum swung while the earth roted under it.
> 5. In 1668 in Florence, Italy, Francesco Redi allowed meat to rot
> in a jar whose mouth was covered with a layer of gauze. Why?
to show that maggots would not form if flies had no contact with the meat
> the Leaning Tower of Pisa and dropped two balls to the ground.
> Whether he did it or not, what would this demonstration have
> proved?
that acceleration of an object due to gravity is independent of the object's mass
> never happens in Alexandria. Based on the distance between
> the two places and some measurements he could make himself,
> what did he calculate?
circumference of the earth
> hemisphere, they did not have the strength to pull them apart;
> but then he operated a control and the hemispheres fell apart
> on their own. What had kept them together?
> were measuring how learning was affected by punishment, using
> a graded sequence of increasingly powerful electric shocks.
> What was Milgram actually trying to measure?
obedience to authorithy
> into the chamber with a microscope and adjusted the electrical
> voltage on a pair of metal plates until some of the drops
> stopped moving. What was he measuring?
charge of the electron
> The other is a man, a crooner who lived 1912-2001. His last
> #1 song was in 1958, the year the Grammy awards started, and
> it did win one.
Katy Perry Como
> and has even won multiple Grammys in the same year, such as
> in 2009. And between them, for one week in the middle of 2015
> they had the #1 and #2 albums on the Billboard 200 chart.
James Taylor Swift
> history. The second one played for 25 years with 9 different
> teams, and the Blue Jays are one of the teams he won a World
> Series with.
Branch Rickey Henderson
> The second, a modernist, was born in Dublin in 1882, moved to
> Zurich in 1904, and died there in 1941. They both wrote in
> English, or at least in something like English.
Henry James Joyce
> in 1878 and died in 1968. The second was born in Sauk Center,
> Minnesota, in 1885; in 1930 he won the Nobel Prize for
> Literature; and he died in 1951.
Upton Sinclair Lewis
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