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Gareth Owen <>: Jun 03 06:21AM +0100

> 1. This American New Wave writer won multiple Hugos, including
> one for "Lord of Light".
Roger Zelazny (sp?)
> 2. This executive was the other title character of Michael Moore's
> first documentary.
Roger Andme
> worked with him have included Martin Scorsese, Jack Nicholson,
> Peter Bogdanovich, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, and
> Ron Howard.
Roger Corman
> 4. In the original novel he was censored, but in the movie he
> was framed.
Roger Rabbit
> 5. "For you are beautiful, and I have loved you dearly, more dearly
> than the spoken word can tell."
> 6. Dallas player, MVP of the VIth event.
Roger Staubach
> 7. 61*.
Roger Maris
> 8. He was the first to tile the plane aperiodically with only
> two different tiles, using a pattern with fivefold symmetry
> about its center.
Roger Penrose
> for the main CBS newscast, this man moved to NBC. For about a
> year their newscast was co-anchored by Tom Brokaw in New York
> and him in Washington.
Roger Sthesauraus
> on experiment; he worked in philosophy, astronomy, alchemy,
> and math; he conceived machines that would not be practical
> for centuries; but his work in optics was particularly important.
Roger Bacon
> 11. If you were married to Brigitte Bardot, wouldn't you make at
> least a couple of movies starring her?
Roger Vadim
> 12. Some say GOAT.
Roger Federer
> 13. Until recently he was the only person to have run Fox "News".
Roger Ailes (sp)
> contract; but fans of the original "Star Trek" may best remember
> him as Harry Mudd.
> 15. Who he?
Me not know
> 16. Dead, now dead.
Jerry Garcia ???
> 17. The fat one, who worked for the Sun-Times.
Roger Ebert
> 18. He held a world record for 46 days in 1954.
Roger Bannister (3:59.4)
> 19. This British writer, now living in Colorado, specializes in
> the subject of bicycle racing. Several of his books are about
> Lance Armstrong; another is "World of Cycling".
David Walsh (yeah, yeah, I know)
> 20. This "alternative rock" band was formed in 1994 by former
> members of Uncle Tupelo. Singer Jeff Tweedy has been with them
> ever since. Albums include "Blue Sky Blue" and "Star Wars".
Wilco (don't start with Blue Sky Blue or Star Wars, get Summerteeth [if
you like tunes] and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot [if tunes aren't your thing])
> In the appendices you may learn that her brother known as Jolly,
> and her uncle known as Will, actually both had the same name.
> What was it?
Wilco?? (Man that's some obscure LoTR knowledge)
> 22. An Iron Maiden he.
Dennis Wilcock
Jason Kreitzer <>: Jun 02 08:33AM -0700

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 10:36:26 PM UTC-4, Mark Brader wrote:
> 7. Name the American feminist who was jailed for distributing
> contraceptives in 1916 and who popularized the phrase "birth
> control".
Margaret Sanger
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