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This is Rotating Quiz #251, or "4NT". I'd like to thank Dan Blum
for running RQ 250 and for choosing questions that enabled me
to win. The winner of this contest, in turn, will be the first
choice to set RQ 252.
As usual, please answer only from your own knowledge and post all
your answers to the newsgroup in a single posting, quoting the
questions you are answering and placing your answers below each one.
You have 5 days to enter from the moment of posting, which
gives you until just past 5 AM Toronto time (zone -4) on Monday,
April 10, 2017.
Each question describes a real or fictional person and you must
name the person. (Sorry about the unequal-size categories, which
have more to do with which fields I'm likely to know about people
in than anything else.)
In each case give the person's full name as usually used --
typically this will be a first and last name, but it might involve
a nickname, title, or stage name.
Each question this time will be worth the same number of points --
I'll use the smallest number that allows scoring in integers --
but those points will be *divided equally* between all entrants
who get it right. This means there is effectively a large bonus
if you can answer a question that nobody else gets.
For example, say there are 4 entrants. Then each question will be
worth 12 points, and if you are the only one to answer it correctly,
you get all 12. In this case if 2 people answer correctly, they
each get 6 points; if 3 do, they each get 4; and if all 4 get it,
that's 3 points each.
In case of a tie, the first tiebreaker will be the entrant who
answered the *fewest* questions correctly to reach the tie score,
and the second tiebreaker will be who posted first.
* Entertainment
1. This actor who lived 1894-1974 was 39. He played an actor in "To
Be or Not To Be", a comedy about the Nazis' occupation of Poland.
2. This singer who lived 1919-65 appeared in a duet with his
daughter in 1991.
3. This woman who started her career as a hip-hop singer was
nominated for an Oscar for her role as a prison matron in
"Chicago" (1992).
4. Movies directed by this man in the 1930s and 1940s included
"Stella Dallas", "The Citadel", "Duel in the Sun", and "The
Fountainhead". He also directed part of "The Wizard of Oz",
but did not receive screen credit for that. He had 5 nominations
for the Best Director Oscar, but never won.
5. This actor who died at age 50 was was a motor vehicle enthusiast
and did some of his own stunt driving on cars and motorcycles,
including parts of one of the most famous chase scenes of all
time. He had an Oscar nomination for "The Sand Pebbles" (1967).
6. This man has directed only a few feature films so far, starting
with "Hunger" (2008), but he has already won the Oscar as Best
Director, for a 2013 movie.
* History
7. After many unsuccessful prosecutions, this advocate of assisted
suicide was imprisoned for murder in 1999.
8. Over 50 people were killed in rioting after Stacey Koon, Laurence
Powell, Timothy Wind, and Theodore Brisenio were acquitted of
using excessive force against this man.
9. This British monarch tried to have a child at least 17 times, but
12 pregnancies ended in a miscarriage or stillbirth and none
of the 5 living children made it to adulthood. In the end
the heir to the throne was the second cousin of this monarch.
Name this monarch.
* Literature
10. This author wrote the time-travel novels "Time and Again" and
"From Time to Time", as well as the novel that the various
movies titled "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" were all based on.
11. This character should have trusted Cordelia instead of the
other two.
* Sports
12. This man, now 77, was one of the leading players of his sport.
Although American, he has been commemorated on a £5 note by
the Royal Bank of Scotland.
13. The first all-star game in the NHL was a benefit event held
in 1934 for this player, who had suffered a career-ending
injury during a game. His player number was retired, but in
1968 he asked for it to be reactivated and given to Ron Ellis,
who wore #6 for the rest of his career.
Mark Brader | "The right thinks the individual
Toronto | isn't important enough to make the decisions | and the left thinks that decisions are
| too important to be left to the individual." --Nick Atty
My text in this article is in the public domain. (Mark Brader): Apr 04 11:18PM -0500

Dan Blum:
> Rotating Quiz #250 is over and Mark Brader is the winner. He may set
> RQ #251 as he pleases.
Oh! I wasn't expecting that. It was a tough quiz. Okay, I'll come
up with something. And thanks!
Mark Brader Safire's Rule on Who-Whom:
Toronto "Whenever 'whom' sounds correct, recast the sentence." --William Safire, N.Y. Times Magazine
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