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msb@vex.net (Mark Brader): Apr 17 11:40PM -0500

If Dan Blum had posted his answers on time, he would have scored
19 points on this round and come third with a final score of 108.
Mark Brader, Toronto, msb@vex.net | "What are u interesting in?" --seen in spam
Don Piven <don@piven.net>: Apr 07 06:57PM -0500

On 4/7/17 00:39, Mark Brader wrote:
> In-patient treatment shouldn't be required for the following
> H-word conditions. Give a concise definition of each one.
> 1. Hyperkalemia ["high-per-ka-LEE-mee-a"].
A higher-than-normal blood potassium level.
> 2. Hexadactyly ["hex-a-DAK-til-ee"].
Six fingers on a hand.
> 3. Hyponatremia ["high-po-na-TREE-mee-a"].
A lower-than-normal blood sodium level.
> effect, etc., that bears the name of a scientist. In each case,
> name the *scientist*.
> 4. http://www.eskimo.com/~scs/msb/f-4/laws/4.jpg
> 5. http://www.eskimo.com/~scs/msb/f-4/laws/5.jpg
> 6. http://www.eskimo.com/~scs/msb/f-4/laws/6.jpg
> Prontosil, it appeared in med-kits issued to soldiers in World
> War II, who were instructed to sprinkle it on any open wounds.
> Give its generic name.
> as a relief from shivering due to cold temperatures led to it
> being used to cure a malaria outbreak in Rome in 1631. It was
> the most common anti-malarial drug into the 1940s.
> it was widely used until the 1980s when the USDA labeled it
> potentially poisonous. It stains the skin a distinctive carmine
> red when applied.
> * Dating
> 10. Dendrochronology dates certain objects by counting what?
Tree growth rings.
> 11. For assessing age at death, cementochronology counts the layers
> in the cementum. On a skeleton, where will you find the
> cementum?
> 12. Paleopalynology can contribute to the dating of artifacts by
> collecting associated soil samples and examining the nature
> and quantity of what?
> can be converted to energy without the use of oxygen. However,
> this substance builds up faster than it can be burned off,
> leading to muscle fatigue. What is this substance?
Lactic acid.
> 14. There are two types of fibers in the skeletal muscles. Which
> type comes into operation during high-intensity, anaerobic
> activity?
> 15. In one common isometric exercise, the body is raised on the
> elbows and toes, then held rigid. By what name is this
> exercise known?
Gareth Owen <gwowen@gmail.com>: Apr 07 06:06PM +0100

> The question was also misscored; 5 people gave each of the two answers,
> but 7 out of 10 people got the point for saying "Seattle".
Ironically, I put Seattle knowing it was wrong, as I remember a big
kerfuffle in 2000 when Alex Rodriguez left the Mariners at the same time
that Boeing left Seattle -- it was suggested he had been used to attempt
to persuade Boeing execs to relocate to Texas at the same time A-Rod
went to the Rangers.
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