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> will be accepted for full points.
> 1. Verb, meaning to elaborate or expound an argument excessively.
> 2. Adjective, meaning engaged to be married.
> 3. Verb, meaning to lament; express regret or sorrow.
> 4. Verb, meaning to initiate amicable relations.
> 5. Adjective, meaning intellectually or morally ignorant.
befuddled, bemused
> 6. Verb, meaning to plague or afflict.
> 7. Verb, meaning to scold, rebuke, criticize.
> 8. Adjective, used for goods made to order, especially clothing.
> 9. Adjective, meaning under an obligation or debt.
> 10. Adjective, used of a sailing ship deprived of wind and thus
> unable to move.
> A2. "All My Children".
> * B. Geography: African Capitals
> B1. Name the capital city of Malawi.
> * C. Sports: Major League Soccer
> Name the city for each of these MLS teams.
> C1. Earthquakes.
San Jose
> C2. Fire.

> * D. Canadiana: Largest Cities by Area
> D1. The 4 largest Canadian cities by area are found in which
> province?
BC, Alberta

> D2. Which provincial capital is largest by *area*?
Edmonton, Winnipeg
> * E. History: Italian City-States
> E1. Name the city which was the seat of power for the Medici
> family.
> E2. In 1525, Milan came under the control of the Hapsburg line --
> of which country?
Austria, Hungary

> F2. Name the fictional New York (state) city that's the
> setting for a number of Kurt Vonnegut novels, including
> "Slaughterhouse-Five", "Cat's Cradle", and "Player Piano".
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