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These questions were written to be asked in Toronto on 2016-11-21,
and should be interpreted accordingly.
On each question you may give up to two answers, but if you give
both a right answer and a wrong answer, there is a small penalty.
Please post all your answers to the newsgroup in a single followup,
based only on your own knowledge. (In your answer posting, quote
the questions and place your answer below each one.) I will reveal
the correct answers in about 3 days.
All questions were written by members of the Misplaced Modifiers
and are used here by permission, but have been reformatted and may
have been retyped and/or edited by me. For further information
see my 2016-11-26 companion posting on "Questions from the Canadian
Inquisition (QFTCI*)".
* Game 9, Round 4 - Sports - The Bicycle
1. Toronto is not well supplied with cycling infrastructure, but
the 56 km waterfront trail, running from the Rouge to the Humber,
is a popular route. It is named after a former president and
editor-in-chief of the "Toronto Star". Who?
2. The first name of a deceased Canadian cycling activist and
Toronto mayoral candidate is the unofficial nickname of the
newly-installed Bloor St. bike lane. Name the activist or give
that nickname.
3. On the last Friday of each month in over 300 cities worldwide,
cyclists take to the streets in large numbers, often blocking
car traffic on downtown streets in an event that combines leisure
and celebration with activism. Name this recurring event.
4. The premier professional road cycling event is of course the
Tour de France. It is one of the three grand tours in cycling.
In its local language, name *either one* of the other two grand
tours, which take place in Spain and in Italy.
5. Mountain-biking suspension systems absorb the blows of rough
terrain. Bikes with full suspension have shock absorbers on
the front forks and on the seat post, giving a soft and smooth
ride on any surface. What nickname is given to a mountain bike
which has only front suspension and no suspension under the seat?
6. What is the common name for the chain-guide mechanism, located
below the rear wheel hub, that shifts the bicycle chain onto
a different-sized sprocket, in order to change gears?
7. The development and sale of the pneumatic tire in 1887 by this
Scottish-Irish veterinarian led to greater comfort for all
riders, and an explosion in numbers of bicycles worldwide.
A tire company still bears his name. Who?
8. Name the Japanese company that has a 70% share of the world
market for bicycle brakes and gears, and a 50% share of the
overall bicycle components market. Your own bike -- and possibly
your fishing rod -- probably carries their components.
9. Name the Olympic track-cycling event that employs a pacer
motorcycle to lead the field with ever-increasing speed as the
laps go by, peeling off near the end to let the cyclists sprint
to the finish. In Japanese, it means "racing wheels."
10. A recent trend among hipster urban cyclists has been to ride
a single-gear bicycle that has no freewheel. In other words,
the wheels cannot turn unless the pedals are moving. What's the
common name for one of these clean-looking bikes?
* Game 9, Round 6 - Science - Medical Acronyms
In each case, expand the acronym indicated.
1. ER Doctors on TV always seem to begin their diagnostic work by
shouting, "I need a CBC and CHEM-7 panel, stat!" What does
CBC stand for in this context?
2. Teenaged women -- and now teenaged men -- are all being urged
to to get the shot against HPV. What does HPV stand for?
3. Smoking accounts for over 80% of the cases of COPD, a
lung-blocking disease. Hint: the D stands for disease.
4. Worried about cholesterol? You might get tested for the
proportions of LDL and HDL in your blood. Unpack either acronym.
5. Middle aged men often get a PSA blood test.
6. A CT or "CAT" scan is a series of X-ray images from different
angles. Unpack either CT or CAT.
7. A depressive disorder that occurs around this time of year.
It's so SAD. Hint: the D is for disorder.
8. Ibuprofen and naproxen are examples of NSAIDs ["en-saydz"],
a class of drugs that can treat pain, fever, and inflammation.
Hint: the D is for drug.
9. You are popping Gaviscon tablets like candy. After every meal,
acidic stomach contents bubble up into your throat. Your doctor
will call this problem GERD. This time D is for disease again.
10. AIDS is a spectrum of conditions within the body caused by HIV.
Unpack either acronym.
Mark Brader, Toronto Well, somebody had to be the pedant here! -- David Keldsen
My text in this article is in the public domain. (Mark Brader): Mar 09 11:37PM -0600

Mark Brader:
> * The first 3 questions are about Arthur C. Clarke novels.
> 1. A peaceful invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords results
> in a massive leap in human evolution. Name the 1953 book.
"Childhood's End". 4 for Don, Marc, Stephen, Dan Tilque, and Pete.
3 for Erland.
> 2. Name the 1968 novel, developed concurrently with the film,
> involving the discovery of an alien monolith on the Moon.
"2001: A Space Odyssey". 4 for Don, Bruce, Joshua, Dan Blum, Marc,
Stephen, Calvin, Dan Tilque, and Pete. 3 for Erland.
According to Clarke, the book and movie were supposed to be released
simultaneously and at one time director Stanley Kubrick was going
to be credited as a coauthor of the book. Allegedly Kubrick was
responsible for the novel not appearing until later.
> 3. A 1973 novel describing the imminent arrival in near-Earth space
> of a large asteroid, named for a Hindu god -- which turns out
> to actually be an alien spaceship.
"Rendezvous with Rama". 4 for Don, Joshua, Dan Blum, Erland, Marc,
Stephen, Dan Tilque, and Pete.
> science-fiction story of all time", about a world that has
> only known day and which is dreading the coming of darkness.
> Name the novella.
"Nightfall". 4 for Don, Dan Blum, Erland, Stephen, and Dan Tilque.
In 1990 the story was expanded to novel length by Robert Silverberg.
> 5. Asimov's most famous series, comprising 7 books, features the
> fictional science of psychohistory, developed by Hari Seldon and
> used to help create a galaxy-spanning empire. Name the series.
"Foundation". 4 for Don, Peter, Dan Blum, Erland, Marc, Stephen,
Calvin, and Dan Tilque.
The series originally consisted of 8 stories of different lengths,
which were, as they say, "fixed up" into 3 so-called novels for
book publication and therefore called a "trilogy". Much later
Asimov returned to it with additional novels, and after his death,
still more novels in the series were written by Gregory Benford,
Greg Bear, and David Brin -- though, sadly, in that order and not
in alphabetical order by their own names.
> 6. Give the title of the 1950 book of short stories featuring
> artificial humans with positronic brains. An unfortunate Will
> Smith film sharing the same title was released in 2004.
"I, Robot". 4 for Don, Joshua, Peter, Dan Blum, Erland, Marc,
Stephen, Dan Tilque, and Pete. 2 for Calvin.
The same title had been used as recently as 1939 for a short story by
Eando Binder, and Asimov was unhappy about his publisher's decision
to reuse it for his book. But the title became so well-known in
connection with Asimov that when the later filmmakers decided to
add elements from Asimov's stories into what was originally going
to be an unrelated movie, they also took "his" title.
> * Finally, Robert Heinlein.
> 7. Name the 1961 book about a human named Valentine Michael Smith,
> raised by Martians, who returns to Earth.
"Stranger in a Strange Land". 4 for Don, Dan Blum, Marc, Stephen,
Calvin, and Dan Tilque.
> 8. This Heinlein book was turned into a Paul Verhoeven film in
> 1997 about space marines fighting insectoid aliens.
"Starship Troopers". 4 for Don, Joshua, Dan Blum, Marc, Stephen,
Dan Tilque, and Pete.
> 9. Another film adaptation from 1994, starring Donald Sutherland and
> about parasitic alien slugs taking over human brains, was adapted
> from the 1951 Heinlein novel of the same title.
"The Puppet Masters". 4 for Don, Marc, Stephen, and Dan Tilque.
> English usage. In <answer 7> he describes a Martian word which
> means to understand something so fully as to become one with it.
> What is the word?
Grok. 4 for Don, Joshua, Dan Blum, Marc, Stephen, and Dan Tilque.
As explained in the novel, this is a metaphorical usage and the
literal meaning of "grok" is simply "drink".
> movie at greatly different ages, and then may be played by two or
> more different actors or actresses. Here are 10 questions about
> movies where this was done.
This was the easiest round in the original game and the 3rd-easiest
of the entire season.
> 1. In the third movie in this series, Josh Brolin plays the
> character at a young age; Tommy Lee Jones plays the character
> at an older age. Name the series.
"Men in Black" ("Men in Black 3", 2013). 4 for Joshua, Dan Blum,
and Calvin. 3 for Stephen.
> 2. In this 1986 hit, Wil Wheaton plays the character at a young
> age; Richard Dreyfuss, as a grown man. Name the movie.
"Stand by Me". 4 for Bruce, Joshua, Dan Blum, Marc, and Stephen.
> 3. In this 2003 Tim Burton fantasy, Ewan McGregor plays the
> character as a young man. Albert Finney plays him on his
> deathbed. Name the movie.
"Big Fish". 4 for Joshua and Stephen.
> 4. Through time travel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character meets
> his future self, and it is Bruce Willis. Name the movie.
"Looper" (2012). 4 for Dan Blum and Stephen.
> 5. In the third movie in this series, Rob Lowe plays a young
> man, and Robert Wagner plays the same character 30 years older.
> Name the series.
"Austin Powers" ("Austin Powers in Goldmember", 2002). 4 for Joshua
and Dan Blum.
> 6. For her role in this movie, Gloria Stuart became the oldest
> person ever to receive an Oscar nomination for acting. Kate
> Winslet played her character at a younger age. Name the movie.
"Titanic" (1997). 4 for Bruce, Joshua, Peter, Dan Blum, Marc,
Stephen, Calvin, and Pete.
> 7. Leonard Nimoy as Spock comes face to face with his younger self
> in "Star Trek" (2009). Who plays the younger version?
Zachary Quinto. 4 for Joshua, Peter, Dan Blum, Marc, Stephen,
and Pete.
> 8. In "The Debt" (2010), Jessica Chastain plays a Mossad agent
> chasing a Nazi war criminal in 1965. Who plays the same
> character 30 years older?
Helen Mirren. 4 for Joshua and Stephen.
> 9. Gena Rowlands plays the character at an advanced age in the
> 2004 romance "The Notebook". What Canadian actress plays the
> same character in flashback?
Rachel McAdams. 4 for Joshua and Stephen.
> 10. Harrison Ford plays the lead in "Indiana Jones and the Last
> Crusade". But what late actor plays Indy at a younger age in
> the same movie?
River Phoenix. (Yes, another "third movie in the series" question.
This one was from 1989.) 4 for Bruce, Joshua, Dan Blum, Marc,
Stephen, and Calvin.
Scores, if there are no errors:
TOPICS-> Lit Ent
Stephen Perry 40 35 75
Dan Blum 32 28 60
Joshua Kreitzer 20 36 56
Marc Dashevsky 36 16 52
Don Piven 40 0 40
Dan Tilque 40 0 40
Pete Gayde 20 8 28
"Calvin" 14 12 26
Erland Sommarskog 22 0 22
Peter Smyth 8 8 16
Bruce Bowler 4 12 16
Mark Brader "[It] was the kind of town where they spell
Toronto trouble TRUBIL, and if you try to correct them, they kill you." -- Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
My text in this article is in the public domain. (Dan Blum): Mar 10 02:19AM

The winner of RQ #247 is Don Piven by a fair margin. He has the honor of
setting RQ #248.
The difference between this and the previous RQ was that the acrostic
was spelled in two ways since all answers have the same initial and
final letter.
> <answer 1> Orthodox Church, part of the Oriental Orthodox communion
> and the largest Christian church in northern Africa. (There is also a
> <answer 1> Catholic Church, but it is much smaller.)
> into the flower, although the flower of the legend may not be the
> modern flower of the same name (certainly none of the common colors
> look like blood to me).
> 3. This name was originally applied to a society founded by Adam
> Weishaupt, a professor at the University of Ingolstadt, but today is
> used much more generally.
> automobile there. In the late 18th century there was also a <answer 4>
> school of composers who introduced new musical features such as the
> <answer 4> Rocket and the <answer 4> Roller.
Now you know where Mannheim Steamroller got its name.
> the above-ground parts of the plant contain a toxic sap which makes
> the skin extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light, potentially causing
> serious burns.
> originally produced, although the company that makes them is now
> located in Trinidad and Tobago. They can be used in a number of
> popular cocktails such as the Manhattan or the Old Fashioned.
> US but died out when longer movies (and the desire for greater comfort
> while viewing them) became prevalent. In current usage <answer 7> is a
> proper noun in a different but related context.
1 point for "nickolodeon."
> like "half," and the former theory is just folk etymology based on the
> similar-sounding names. If you had two of them you could buy a young
> goat.
1 point for "zuzim" (the plural).
Yes, this is somewhat unfair, but if you noticed the gimmick then it
was obviously a word that began and ended with "z" and it sounds like
an entity that was commonly found on Greek coins (Zeus). Or if you've
ever attended a Passover seder then you have probably used the plural
form yourself while singing "Chad Gadya" (one kid) "which my father
bought for two zuzim."
> others such as Blenheim and Malplaquet together with the Duke of
> Marlborough. The answer is his given name, without his (Italian)
> title.
(Prince) Eugene (of Savoy)
I cannot figure out what the title "Prince of Savoy" is supposed to
mean, or I might have made that a more prominent part of the clue. At
the time Savoy was ruled by a duke.
> different in appearance from their summer coats - so much so that one,
> the stoat, has often been known by a different name in that coat. What
> is it?
> 11. Acrostic?
The title was a clue to this: if you remove "i" from "genius pain" you
get "genus pan," and only one of the two species in the genus has a
common name of 10 letters.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Total
Don 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 2 4 20
Mark 2 0 0 0 2 2 2 0 0 2 4 14
Dan 2 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 8
Calvin 2 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 2 0 8
Erland 2 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 6
Marc 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 4
Dan Blum
"I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't just made it up."
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