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Mark Brader wrote:
> company -- one that brought us TV classics like "Mission:
> Impossible", "That Girl", and "The Untouchables". Name the
> couple.
Arnez and Ball ??
> 1960s and '70s. They began their affair on-set, married each
> other twice, and acted together in 11 films. A 68-carat diamond
> is named after them.
Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
> rarzvrf ol zneelvat Rqjneq VI'f qnhtugre. Jub jnf fur?
> 3. Henry VIII was a second son. His older brother was destined
> to be king but instead died young. What was his *first name*?
Richard ??
> 4. <answer 3> had been married to the daughter of the King of Spain.
> Afterwards, she was remarried -- to Henry VIII. What was her name?
> 5. Henry VII also made a dynastic marriage, with the Scots, to try
> to calm the northern border. His daughter was married to
> James IV. What was her *first name*?
> of the Catholic Church. He helped engineer the annulment of
> Henry's marriage to <answer 4>. Give his *surname*.
> 7. Which of Henry VIII's six wives was the mother of Elizabeth I?
Anne Boleyn
> 8. Who was the last of Henry VIII's wives?
Catherine Parr
> 9. Which of his children immediately succeeded Henry VIII?
Edward V
> This process was quickly disputed and the putative queen was
> deposed and executed. She became known as "the 9-day queen".
> Who was she?
Jane Grey (poor girl)
Dan Tilque
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