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Mark Brader wrote:
> The river might be the entire border, or only part of the border
> (like the Detroit River). Answers may repeat.
> 1. Paraná.
> 2. Brahmaputra.
> 3. Tigris.
> 4. Orinoco.
> 5. Minho.
> 6. Amur.
> 7. Hall's Stream.
> 8. Ubangi.
> 9. Morava.
> 10. Odra (or Oder).
> mixing nutrients within the water column for the benefit of
> all living things. To the nearest whole degree, what is this
> temperature where water is densest?
4 degrees
> 4. Tabular, blocky, wedge, dome, pinnacle, dry dock, and growler
> are all terms that describe variations of what cold-weather
> phenomenon?
> snowpack, where it refreezes and forms a crust on the snow.
> What is the scientific name for the process of ice turning
> directly to vapor, without passing through a liquid state first?
> about 22°, creating a halo around the sun. On occasion, this
> refraction can create the appearance of two smaller suns on
> either side of the actual sun. What is this phenomenon called?
Bailey's Beads
> 7. What is the common term for the muscular effect known as
> "horripilation"?
> experience excessively reduced blood flow to the fingers
> and toes, causing them to turn white and numb. What is this
> condition, named for a 19th-century French physician?
Reynaud's syndrome
> 9. 6 years after little Louise Brown of England became a household
> name, Zoe Leyland of Melbourne Australia entered the history
> books in 1984, for what cold-related "first"?
First frozen embryo to result in a live birth
> 10. Name the American who pioneered the process of flash-freezing
> food by exposing it to supercooled substances, such as liquid
> nitrogen.
Peter Smyth
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