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Joshua Kreitzer <>: Dec 31 05:06PM (Mark Brader) wrote in news:ibudnbVtruXbp_rFnZ2dnUU7-
> she became a fixture of the '60s folk scene in Yorkville and
> Greenwich Village. Still going strong at 75, she was the winner
> of last year's Polaris Music Prize.
Buffy Sainte-Marie (?)
> 4. Born in Shaunavon, SK, "Jungle Jim" Hunter won Olympic and World
> Cup medals for Canada -- in about the last sport you'd expect
> a Saskatchewanian to excel in. Which *sport*?
downhill skiing
> A1. A two-time Democratic nominee for president, he lost
> both times in landslides to Dwight Eisenhower. Later the
> US ambassador to the United Nations.
Adlai Stevenson
> A2. 19th-century Illinois Democratic senator who engaged in
> three famous debates with Abe Lincoln. His nickname was
> "the Little Giant".
Stephen Douglas

> * D. Stevie Nicks Duets
> D1. Who was Stevie's singing partner on "Leather and Lace"?
Don Henley

> D2. Who sang with Nicks on "Stop Draggin' my Heart Around"?
Tom Petty

> F1. This American businessman and adventurer was best-known
> for circumnavigating the globe in a hot-air balloon in 2002.
> He died in a plane crash in California in 2007.
Steve Fossett
> Unchained", is mentioned in a song in "The Rocky Horror
> Picture Show". He was named both Mr. World and Mr. Universe
> by the age of 25, and died in 2000.
Steve Reeves
Joshua Kreitzer
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