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Mark Brader wrote:
> a term still misleadingly applied to it today. Its current and
> correct name was coined in 1789 and comes from the Greek word
> that describes its primary use. What is this mineral called?
> including calcium carbonate, mica and titanium -- all held
> together by a silica sludge. Artificial sweeteners are added
> to make it more appealing. Name the product.
> and selenite. It's used in a range of products but, by far,
> it's most commonly found in a widely used building material.
> What is this mineral?
> fire-resistant with excellent sound absorption properties,
> all of which made it great for use in the home -- if you could
> put up with the lung cancer and mesothelioma. What is it?
> products more appealing -- from paper to plastic to sunscreen.
> Over a century ago, it was introduced as a non-toxic alternative
> to lead in what common renovation product?
> is in the production of specialty paper. Besides reducing ink
> absorption for a cleaner print, what quality does it impart
> to paper?
water resistance
> 7. Halite is a common mineral. After it's mined and processed,
> we can pick it up at the local supermarket or hardware store
> under what name?
> of 0.91, and a hexagonal crystal system. Natural sources of
> this mineral are shrinking, but you can still buy a bag of it
> for a couple of dollars at a supermarket. What is it?
> in drills and missile warheads. We like it because it's used
> in the manufacture of light-bulb filaments and the ball of a
> ballpoint pen. What is it?
> 10. In making stainless steel, what is the principal element that
> is alloyed with the iron?
> * Game 1, Round 8 - Art - Paintings by Country
> Please see the handout:
am unable to load that page. tried on two different computers
> (Or if you like, you can see the 12 paintings individually in higher
> resolution -- than we got in the original game -- by replacing "art"
> in the above URL successively with "A", "B", etc. up to "L".)
can't see those either
Dan Tilque
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