Friday, December 30, 2016

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Pete <>: Dec 30 02:25AM (Mark Brader) wrote in news:e_Sdnf66T75Izv7FnZ2dnUU7-
> A. Beats headphones by Dr. Dre.
> B. The Apple iPad.
> C. The Amazon Kindle e-reader.
> A. Automatic pop-up toaster for home use.
> B. Pyrex glassware (in the US).
> C. Electric kettle with a submersible heating element.
> A. Implantable cardiac pacemaker.
> B. Penicillin.
> C. Epinephrine auto-injector (Epipen).
> A. LinkedIn.
> B. Twitter.
> C. Snapchat.
> A. Napster peer-to-peer file sharing service.
> B. AAA-size lithium-ion battery.
> C. MP3 player (in North America).
> A. Open-cockpit 1- or 2-person snowmobile.
> B. Time zones established for railways.
> C. Robertson-head screws.
> A. Macintosh apple.
> B. Canola oil (approved for use in the US).
> C. Caesar cocktail.
> A. The consumer counter-top microwave oven.
> B. The integrated circuit (chip).
> C. The Touch-Tone phone.
> A. Standard Bic ballpoint pen.
> B. Nylon stockings.
> C. Sliced bread.
> A. 5-pin bowling.
> B. Hard-cup jockstrap.
> C. Goalie mask.
> 1. This company has been making racket-sports equipment since 1881.
> Since 1902, they have been the sole provider of tennis balls
> for Wimbledon. Name them.
> 2. Jake Burton started shaping these in his garage in Burlington
> Vermont in 1977. Today, Burton is perhaps the biggest brand
> name for this piece of sports equipment. What equipment?
> and the National Order of Quebec. He's also famous for having
> his picture taken with his arm around the Queen's shoulder.
> Name him.
> really would have preferred to stick to making stair railings
> and porch columns. Today they belong to Wilson Sporting Goods,
> but this same product is still a major seller. What is it?
Baseball bat
> 5. They have been making the official game ball of the NBA since
> 1983 -- although the sport the founder devoted his life to
> was baseball. Name the company.
> 6. What important piece of equipment do Sher-Wood Athletics in
> Quebec and Yin Hua Silicone Rubber Products in China both make?
Hockey puck
> 7. If you rent skis in Ontario, you'll know this name. Founded
> in 1904, they were one of the first to introduce plastic skis.
> The company is now headquartered in Isère, France. What company?
> would give away the answer. All of the material used to
> manufacture the product is sourced from either Scotland or
> northern Wales. What's the product?
Curling stones
> 9. Founded in 1932, whose slogan is "the #1 ball in golf"?
> 10. What company makes the official ball for the FIFA World Cup?
Pete Gayde
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