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> 1. (Map C is a decoy. All street names and buildings are correct.
> Which label that you see is wrong?)
> 2. Which label that you see on Map D is wrong?
Lake Titicaca
> 3. Which *city* is wrong on Map E?
> 4. (Map F is a decoy. Which label for a landmark is wrong?)
> 5. (Map G is a decoy. Which station label is wrong?)
> 6. Which *city* label is wrong on Map H?
Las Vegas, Albuquerque
> 7. On Map I, don't worry about the bodies of water; we'll
> tell you that those are correct. But which label for a
> *city, state, or territory* is wrong?
> 8. On Map J, everything is correct in the small print showing
> street names, subway stations, and so on. Which *landmark*
> label in large print is wrong?
Place de la Concorde
> building codes, and all the names of other U of T facilities,
> those are all correct. So which label that you see is wrong?
> 10. On Map L, which *country* label is wrong?
> 11. On Map M, which *city* label is wrong?
> 13. On Map O, all the street names and numbers are correct and so are
> the bridges and tunnels. The label that's wrong is for *a river,
> a district, or a park or square*. Which one is wrong?
Times Square, Union Square
> 14. On Map P, we'll tell you that once again all the bodies of
> water are correct. Which *city* label is wrong?
> are, the more fun you'll have with this round. Go try some of
> them on your doctor the next time you're afflicted.
> 1. Dropsy.
> 2. Ague ["EH-gyoo"].
Fever and Temperature
> 3. Apoplexy.
> 4. Carbuncle.
> 5. Neurasthenia.
> 6. Quinsy.
Tonsillitis, Pleurisy
> 7. Falling sickness.
> 8. Hydrophobia.
> 9. Consumption.
> 10. Wen.
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