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On 2016-09-20, Calvin wrote:
> 1 Which Trinidad and Tobago politician and businessman was vice president of FIFA and president of CONCACAF until his suspension and eventual resignation from these roles in 2011?
> 2 Reflecting the company's background in weapons manufacturing, which British brand of motorcycle is "made like a gun"?
BSA (Birmingham Small Arms)
> 3 Which British director created the animated characters Wallace, Grommet and Shaun the Sheep?
> 4 Which 1951 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical features the songs "Shall We Dance?" and "Getting to Know You"?
The King and I
> 5 Felipe Calderon and Vicente Fox are former presidents of which country?
> 6 Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon co-starred in which 2005 bio-pic?
Walk the Line
> 7 Another name for a helium nucleus, which particle containing two protons and two neutrons is most commonly produced by radioactive decay?
Alpha particle
> 8 Those born on April Fools' Day fall under what star sign?
> 9 What is both a musical instrument and the French word for a paper clip?
> 10 Turks head, Granny and Bowline are types of what?
Chris F.A. Johnson
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