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Pete <>: Aug 31 06:14PM

Erland Sommarskog <> wrote in
> 1. It starts with Rosanna, but what does it end with?
> 2. The ruins of the ancient city of Carthage are located in which
> present-day country?
> 3. The United Arab Republic originally consisted of which two
> present-day countries?
Egypt and Syria
> 4. "You must remember this: A kiss is still a kiss". Which film is it?
> 14. Miles Davis's double album from 1974 "Get Up with It" features
> the half-hour long "Calypso Frelimo". What is Frelimo here?
> 15. The rocker Mannfred Mann hails from which country?
Northern Ireland
> 16. Name any person who was awarded an Oscar for his or her
> involvement in the film "Out of Africa".
Pete Gayde
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