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Calvin <334152@gmail.com>: Aug 29 04:10PM -0700

On Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 10:04:09 PM UTC+10, Erland Sommarskog wrote:
> 1. It starts with Rosanna, but what does it end with?
> 2. The ruins of the ancient city of Carthage are located in which
> present-day country?
> 3. The United Arab Republic originally consisted of which two
> present-day countries?
Syria and Egypt
> 4. "You must remember this: A kiss is still a kiss". Which film is it?
> can't take a taxi cab to Timbuktu"
> The title of the song is "Life is Hard" - but what's the name of
> the band?
> 6. Cheick Sallah Cissé made himself a national hero in the recent Olympic
> Games in Rio by winning the first gold medal ever for the Ivory Coast.
> In which sport did he compete?
> of bandy is not very big. In the world championships different
> divisions there are teams from Europe, Asia and North America.
> There is also a team representing an African country. Which?

> what?
> 10. What geopolitical feature is more or less unique to Denmark and
> Equatorial Guinea?
A dependency larger in area that them
> 11. For half a point each, tell me in which country you bump into if
> you start in 0°N, 0°E and sail due
> a) North
> b) East
> sufficiently specific.
> 13. By age, who is the currently the oldest head of state? Give
> either the name or position + country.
> 14. Miles Davis's double album from 1974 "Get Up with It" features
> the half-hour long "Calypso Frelimo". What is Frelimo here?
> 15. The rocker Mannfred Mann hails from which country?
South Africa
> 16. Name any person who was awarded an Oscar for his or her
> involvement in the film "Out of Africa".
Nice quiz thanks.
swp <Stephen.W.Perry@gmail.com>: Aug 29 05:43PM -0700

On Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 11:08:35 AM UTC-4, Gareth Owen wrote:
> > "it's a feeling" (unless you meant the other side, in which case it's
> > "africa")
> Old school. I like your style.
when I was little the only thing we had to play with were cooling rocks...
tool@panix.com (Dan Blum): Aug 30 01:18AM

> > > "africa")
> > Old school. I like your style.
> when I was little the only thing we had to play with were cooling rocks...
Yours had solidified into rocks? Lucky.
Dan Blum tool@panix.com
"I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't just made it up."
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