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bbowler <bbowler@bigelow.org>: Aug 01 02:59PM

On Wed, 27 Jul 2016 22:23:35 -0700, Calvin wrote:
> 1 According to the Internet Movie Database (among others) which
> character from the 1999 film "The Phantom Menace" is the dumbest in
> movie history?
If it's not Jar Jar Binx, they're wrong.
> 2 In which field event is the world record currently 74.08 metres
> and 76.80 metres (women)?
> 3 Which African country is quite literally named "Lion Mountain"?
Sierra Leone
> 4 Which of Beethoven's nine symphonies is nicknamed the "choral"?
> 5 The Tim Hortons fast food restaurant chain is based in which
> 6 Which Shakespeare play opens with the line "If music be the food of
> love, play on…"?
> 7 If a dish is served Florentine which vegetable will it contain?
> 8 Who rules in a plutocracy?
Disney's dog :-)
> 9 Though better known as a singer, who played the lead role in the
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