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"Björn Lundin" <b.f.lundin@gmail.com>: Jul 21 12:52PM +0200

On 2016-07-20 22:20, Dan Tilque wrote:
> Rosetta
> All the valid answers were given except Cassini-Huygens and Pioneer 10.
> There never waa Pioneer 12 and Rosetta flew past Mars, but not Jupiter.
I say that Rosetta did fly by Jupiter, and so does Wikipedia.
The Rosetta mission planned to achieve many historic firsts.[34]
On its way to comet 67P, Rosetta passed through the main asteroid belt,
and made the first European close encounter with several of these
primitive objects. Rosetta was the first spacecraft to fly close to
Jupiter's orbit using solar cells as its main power source.
"gerson" <gerson@bigpond.net.au>: Jul 22 03:36AM +1000

> "Dan Tilque" wrote
> One thing I learned in the last Rare Entry contest I ran was that if I want the answers in a specific form, I have to spell it out
> quite explicitly. ...
And I thought I was being so clever with "archery", and now I've really been prompted. Like about words, and their meanings, and
who's an authority. Anyhow, if or when you set another one, I'll be trying to wiggle inside anticipating your judgments.
Anticipating the setter's judgments has always been part of the game, although, I think, nevertheless, that there ought to to be
some sorts of constraints. There ought to be some set of rules, otherwise people are like to be left floundering! "Not that anyone
cares". [hilarity]. Chuck Lorre for president, I say. Hazel nuts in May?
Seeing Ted's message, I say Ted, "You've got a score, it's there, it's there!" - In past Rare Entries competitions some of us
haven't been given a score at all. We've been told it's because it's too big whatever, but I think well, yes, but it's maybe really
because really big scores don't fit in the column width. However, and by the way, not knowing such scores makes the publishees have
to suffer horrible and perpetual ignominy.
fake sig:
Apologie. Read my website, and you'll find out something you didn't know.
I'm a maverick now, sorry, at the moment. I'm breaking rules, including and possibly only at the least, my own.
The caterpillar says "the word means what i mean it to mean"
Stuart talking to Sheldon at Sheldon's door (Gradations of Wrong) about tomatoes vegetables and a suspension bridge, which
is about "qualifying an absolute", you *can* qualify an absolute, you can say "quite unique" or "very unique" or "a bit unique" or
"not that unique really" or indeed "not unique at all", and so on, and so on, because saying things like these conveys meaning,
which is what language is about in the long run, see Stephen Pinker "The Language Instinct", one of the best books I ever read.
(Which in the matter of qualifying absolutes has nothing to say). He writes really well, and I was quite impressed. Or the other way
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