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On Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 2:56:55 AM UTC-4, Mark Brader wrote:
> and should be interpreted accordingly. If any answers have changed
> due to newer news, you are still expected to give the answers that
> were correct on that date.
wow. 2 days after originally asked. that must be a record.
> 1. It was announced last week that *which sports organization*
> would be sold for $4,000,000,000? The buyer is a group led by
> a Hollywood talent agency.
> 2. A 29-year-old American ballet dancer, Melanie Hamrick, is
> expecting a child. Who's the daddy?
mick jagger
> 3. Last week Forbes magazine published its list of the highest-paid
> celebrities in 2015. Who was on top, with earnings last year
> of $170,000,000 US?
taylor swift
> millions of downloads. In Canada, on Wednesday it was reported
> as being on 6% of Android devices already, even though it didn't
> officially become available until yesterday.
pokemon go
> François Hollande came in for heavy mockery last week when
> it was revealed that one of his staff members was being paid
> almost 10,000 euros per month for doing what job?
> 81-year-old Canadian musician has won big again, this time
> garnering the $1,000,000 grand prize in a London, Ontario,
> charity lotto. Name him.
walter ostanek
> required super majority by 1 vote -- and then, the next day,
> that some votes had been wrongly recorded and the measure had
> actually passed. Name that Canadian religious organization.
anglican church of canada
> latest apprentice, as well as a highly mockable logo, since wiped
> from his website. Okay, so name The Donald's vice-presidential
> running mate.
mike pence
side note: President Trump never hits first, he's a counter-puncher. and he hits back a lot harder than he was hit. just ask lyin' ted cruz. he is using the *science* of persuasion along with rapid a-b testing in his campaign, which makes me think he will win in a landslide. just my observations on the matter. please take it up in another thread if you would like to discuss.
> 9. Last Monday Justin Trudeau signed a free-trade agreement with
> which country?
> 10. Which agency of the Canadian government sent out its first
> tweet last week, saying "Now it's your turn to follow us"?
canadian security intelligence service
swp <>: Jul 23 03:48PM -0700

On Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 2:51:36 AM UTC-4, Mark Brader wrote:
> These questions were written to be asked in Toronto on 2016-06-13,
> and should be interpreted accordingly.
do any of you go outside on warm summer nights and flash led lights to confuse the fireflys or is that just me?
> I did not write either of these rounds.
and mores the pity
> also exist in other media.
> 1. One of the most widely-listened-to podcasts these days is
> "Serial". Who is the host of "Serial"?
sarah koenig
> from Season 2. Either the first or the last name of any one
> of the three people will do; you don't have to tell us which
> one you mean.
boew bergdahl
> column. It is co-hosted by a best-selling author whose
> best-known book, a non-fiction account of her personal odyssey,
> was released in 2012 and made into a movie in 2014. Name her.
cheryl strayed
> has been running since 2002 and deals with a wide range of topics
> of a scientific and philosophical nature. It is syndicated on
> over 300 radio stations.
> podcast, which began in 2009. In it he interviews other
> celebrities, drawn largely from the comedy world. The podcast's
> name is a 3-letter acronym for a rude expression. What is it?
> 2009 consisting of interviews and discussions on a variety of
> topics such as current events, politics, and comedy. Its title
> is four words: "The Joe Rogan"... what?
> 7. Name the radio show and podcast that began in 2010 and is
> hosted by Roman Mars. It deals with architecture and design
> and its title comes from a quote by Buckminster Fuller.
99% invisible
> 8. This NPR-affiliated podcast began in 2008 and covers economics
> and financial matters. It has a number of hosts, including
> Robert Smith and David Kestenbaum. Name it.
planet money?
> 9. This podcast is hosted by Jesse Brown and exists mainly to dig
> up dirt on Canadian media. It had a role in breaking the Jian
> Ghomeshi scandal story. Name it.
> 10. What is the recent CBC podcast that looked at the cold case
> of a 5-year-old boy who disappeared without a trace in 1972
> while on a family fishing trip at an Ontario lake?
> * Game 4, Round 3 - Miscellaneous - Interesting Stock Symbols
> 1. What is the 3-letter stock symbol for beer giant Anheuser-Busch
> InBev?
> 2. What is the 3-letter stock symbol for Harley-Davidson?
> refers to and you may guess the line of business of the company.
> You don't need to name the company; just tell us what they
> produce there.
musical instruments
> name it; just tell us what business it's in. Hint: this is
> not a dating site or a condom manufacturer; their LUV is a
> geographical reference.
> 5. Which Canadian company has the symbol ZZZ?
sleep country canada holdings
> 6. The well-known Canadian company with symbol POT is *not* in
> the marijuana business. Name that company.
potash corporation of saskatchewan
> 7. What is the 4-letter, appropriately mythological symbol for
> the US firm Olympic Steel?
> 8. What is the 4-letter, appropriately *geographical* symbol for
> the US firm Gibraltar Industries?
> 9. What is the 3-letter symbol for the Avis Budget Group, from
> which you can rent a vehicle?
> 10. Which company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under
> the symbol BID? It's a multinational founded in Britain and
> now headquartered in New York City.
Erland Sommarskog <>: Jul 23 09:48PM +0200

> Rotating Quiz #225 is over and Gareth Owen is the winner. He may now
> set RQ #226.
Gareth has at least posted once since Dan posted the results, so he cannot
give "on vacation" as his sole excuse.
Erland Sommarskog, Stockholm,
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