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By the way, Björn Lundin responded to my last question set
in the following manner:
> Estonia
> > 10. D?
> Kaliningrad
This caused considerable confusion as I wondered why he seemed to be
answering questions on German literature by naming places in the former
USSR. It's because the automated part of my scoring process relies on
picking out question numbers preceded by ">", so when the number went
backward from 10 to 7, it assumed this was question 7 of the next round.
When text in questions has to be rot13'd, I don't care whether people
quote it in the original or plaintext form, but it can be confusing
when they do both!
Mark Brader, Toronto | "C takes the point of view that the programmer | is always right" -- Michael DeCorte
My text in this article is in the public domain.
"Björn Lundin" <>: Jul 18 12:29PM +0200

On 2016-07-17 19:54, Mark Brader wrote:
> When text in questions has to be rot13'd, I don't care whether people
> quote it in the original or plaintext form, but it can be confusing
> when they do both!
Oh, I did that to be very clear about what I responeded to.
Eg that number 8 was F and not S.
Sorry that I confused your parser
Dan Tilque <>: Jul 17 03:14PM -0700

This is a reminder for this contest. You have about 2 days to get your
entry in.
Dan Tilque wrote:
Dan Tilque
Joshua Kreitzer <>: Jul 17 02:28PM (Mark Brader) wrote in news:_NidncN7dICWchfKnZ2dnUU7-
> poet, and intellectual, and there's also one in Central Park in
> New York. Havana's international airport is named after him.
> Give his name.
Jose Marti
> 2. One of the catalysts for the Spanish-American War was the
> sinking of a US battleship in Havana harbor in February 1898.
> Do you remember what battleship?

> great deal of power over the island, making Cuba a de-facto
> protectorate. The agreement also established a protective
> tariff in the US for what commodity?

> from Mexico to Cuba in 1956, including Fidel and Raúl Castro?
> It gave its name to the official newspaper of the Communist
> party of Cuba. Hint: Your abuela might answer to this name too.

> tell us the month and year of this misbegotten adventure that
> was an early misstep in Kennedy's presidency. (The invasion,
> that is! Tell us when the invasion was.)
April 1961; May 1961

> those days? Hint: This period of time also forms the title of
> a book by Robert Kennedy, and a movie starring Bruce Greenwood
> as John F. Kennedy.
13 days
> Cuban national baseball team took on a Major League Baseball
> squad. Name that major-league team. They won, by the way --
> we're not sure what that did for diplomacy.
New York Yankees
> performed a landmark concert in Havana on 2016-03-25. This was
> the first big concert by a Western rock band in 52 years.
> What was the final song they performed, as part of their encore?
> * A. St. John's
> A1. How many Canadian *provincial capitals* are farther north
> than St. John's, NL?

> * C. Iqaluit
> C1. What was the previous name of Iqaluit, before 1987?
Frobisher Bay
> provincial or territorial capital. What was its population
> according to the 2011 census, within 25% of the true number
> in either direction?

> Grammy, and 10 Junos, and she's also a Commander of the
> Order of Prince Henry the Navigator. (Of Portugal, that is.)
> Name her.
Nelly Furtado
Joshua Kreitzer
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