Saturday, July 16, 2016

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Gareth Owen <>: Jul 15 04:06PM +0100

> 1 A lack of calcium in the diet causes what bone disease?
> 2 Along with Faith and Hope, which Christian saint was martyred in the
> second century AD?
> 3 The city of Mandalay is located in which south east Asian country?
> 4 What two-word term both describes visual acuity and a form of the
> sport of cricket?
> 5 Louis Armstrong International Airport is located in which American
> city?
New Orleans
> 6 Linke and gauche are the German and French equivalents of which
> English word?
> 7 The dramatised version of which 1976 Alex Haley novel is one of the
> most watched TV series of all time?
> 8 Which English mathematician and inventor is credited with having
> designed the world's first general-purpose computer in 1837?
> 9 What insect shares its name with a cocktail which includes Crème de
> Menthe and Crème de Cacao?
> 10 Not to be confused with a card game, what is the nickname for the
> New Zealand men's lawn bowls team?
The Black Jacks, I assume. If it isn't, it bloody should be.
(Or the All Jacks, I guess. That works too)
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