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swp <>: Jun 19 10:48AM -0700

On Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 2:56:58 AM UTC-4, Mark Brader wrote:
> "Have you ever heard [my honesty] questioned?"
> "I never even heard it mentioned." -- Every Day's a Holiday
> My text in this article is in the public domain.
my apologies for the errors in scoring and thanks to Mark for checking.
the quiz belongs to Dan, I remain hopeful that he can get something posted before he leaves and then score upon his return. otherwise, we'll have a brief intermission while he is away.
Dan Tilque <>: Jun 19 07:02PM -0700

Erland Sommarskog wrote:
> me a little bit that I did not think of Romania. Szabo is an Hungarian name,
> but Ecaterina isn't really. Romania has a sizable Hungarian minority - and
> they have a good tradition in gymnastics.
I also knew Szabo was a Hungarian name (meaning "tailor", I understand)
but I happened to remember that the Soviet Union and its eastern
European allies boycotted the Olympics in 1984. Romania wasn't as good
an ally as the rest, so they didn't join the boycott. Hence my guess of
Dan Tilque
Erland Sommarskog <>: Jun 20 10:45AM

> European allies boycotted the Olympics in 1984. Romania wasn't as good
> an ally as the rest, so they didn't join the boycott. Hence my guess of
> Romania.
Yeah, I also recalled the boycott, which put me in doubts. I thought that
maybe it was only the USSR that stayed home, permitting the sattellites
to participate. But it's true that Ceaucescu often took his ways. One more
reason I should have thought of Romania!
Erland Sommarskog, Stockholm,
Calvin <>: Jun 19 07:50PM -0700

On Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 3:26:03 AM UTC+10, Mark Brader wrote:
> 1. Farts are normally 99% composed of non-smelly gases such as
> oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. The remaining 1% consists
> largely of what malodorous compound?
Methane, sulphur dioxide
> 2. Farting is not to be confused with "eructation". What is *that*
> phenomenon commonly known as?
> 3. Some of the gases present in farts are flammable, although not
> all humans produce them. The flammable gases are specifically
> hydrogen and what greenhouse gas?
Methane, CO2
> 4. In 2011, the Minister of Justice in a southern African country
> proposed making public farting illegal. Name the country.
South Africa, Zimbabwe
> 5. This country, a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol, proposed a "fart
> tax" to address its uniquely high proportion of methane emissions
> from livestock compared to other sources. What country is this?
New Zealand, Japan
> 6. The ability to fart at will has been used to entertain for
> centuries. It is referenced as early as the fifth century\ AD
> in a certain saintly work. Name *either* the work or the author.
St Patrick, St Augustine
> laugh, and then make them think". Name this *prize*, which was
> also formerly described as being for discoveries "that cannot,
> or should not, be reproduced".
> 10. The slang term "queef" refers to the expulsion of air from
> which organ?
> * Game 1, Round 8 - Geography - North American Suburbs
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